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Leadership is a costly expense that does not always equate to increased performance. We solve this problem by implementing Lean Six Sigma qualities and determining the most effective way to manage a multi-faceted and complex project. Through a variety of techniques, DISABLED VETS can significantly improve throughput and latency to increase efficiency. This approach results in costs savings and also a more timely completion.  

Why Work With an SDVOSB?

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

The United States Government offers over 31,000 federal business opportunities to private companies each year in order to fulfill its activities without hiring government employees. At least 3 percent of all federal agencies' contracting dollars are designated to go to service-disabled veterans. 

Federal agencies are actively seeking SDVOSB as vendors but frequently find it difficult to meet its goals because many businesses do not take advantage of the opportunity to qualify despite the advantages in doing so. 

DISABLED VETS is owned by service-disabled veteran, Col. Michael R. Nelson (ret.). Col. Nelson has vast experience working in government as a member of the U.S. Army and U.S. National Guard.  

He understands how government works to contract services from private companies, and has taken all the necessary steps to qualify for this rare SDVOSB recognition. DISABLED VETS partners are guaranteed to work with a dependable and disciplined company led by a dedicated businessman who continues to serve his country by providing quality consulting and management services.  

Moving into the private sector after decades of military service has given Col. Nelson a new outlook on business, and a desire to work with companies who also wish to benefit from the many opportunities provided by federal and state government agencies. 

Working with an SDVOSB helps government agencies run more efficiently. It helps veterans, military families, and the customers who wish to support the nation's most dedicated servants.

SDVOSB Official Designation

SDVOSB Official Designation

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