Our Approach

DISABLED VETS is a consulting company focused on the optimization of program and project management to address master planning, military programming services, team building, and cost efficiency. 

DISABLED VETS applies a pragmatic approach to achieving cost-efficient solutions and accomplishing results using outside-the-box initiatives that focus on determining the most inefficient areas that need to be resolved first. This technique allows for the cost savings from one area to help finance the expenses associated with subsequent optimization initiatives.

Lean Six Sigma qualities offer the most effective way to manage a multi-faceted and complex project. Through a variety of techniques, DISABLED VETS can significantly improve throughput and latency to increase efficiency. This approach results in costs savings and more timely completion. 

Property Management

DISABLED VETS has been managing properties since 1994, including directing project management and maintenance operations for more than 8,000 homes managed under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative. That included 20 community offices in four states and 400+ site-based employees. Having worked in private industry managing housing developments of more than 1,900 units, DISABLED VETS can oversee all the management, contracting, development, monitoring, and budgets of new construction and lease-up projects, and can maximize resident satisfaction, institutional financial performance, and company profits 

Emergency Preparedness

DISABLED VETS developed its expertise managing domestic and manmade emergency and natural disaster response in coordination with the adjutant general of Delaware. The former Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer during Hurricane Sandy and the Region 3 FEMA coordinator out of Philadelphia, the leadership of DISABLED VETS can tackle pre-placement movement of emergency resources in response to an anticipated or unexpected crisis.

Engineering and Construction Management

With Pentagon experience managing project assessments during the design and construction of the military intelligence school in Arizona, the leadership of DISABLED VETS has the knowledge and clearance to complete and deliver large construction projects with Secret classifications.

Acquisitions and Order Fulfillment

We can match suppliers to demand in virtually any project acquisition need.